- Sometimes you need to make an SOS call -

I've got your back...

The road of entrepreneurship is challenging and when you're running your own business or a solopreneur sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on, or someone you can ask questions and be your sounding board.  After working with so many entrepreneurs and business owners I know how valuable having a person to ask questions to can be....so that's why I've set this up. 

It's a monthly membership to get all access pass to me when you need it most.  When you are stuck on that problem or when you simply feel like shouting HEEELLPPP and need a sounding board or someone to brainstorm with.  Maybe you need someone to keep you accountable or keep you in check so that you can get to your milestones and achieve your vision. 

This is something I wish I had way back in the early years of starting out so count yourself lucky!  

What's the deal...

Ok, so it's a monthly membership of only $99USD and you get the following: 

  • 4 x 20 minute SOS calls (anytime, you just book in through my calendar!)
  • Closed private Facebook Group where I'll be in there sharing some tips and even some mini training sessions as well as a Facebook LIVE Q&A session once a month. 
  • Templates and some other surprises are definitely on the cards!

Why you should sign up?

You'll get a lot more of the right thing done, you have someone in your backpocket to call and work through your problem.   

Think of me as your co-partner, your co-founder, your sidekick, your partner in crime -- whatever you want to call it! 

And...it's a pretty gosh darn good damn deal!  That's one pair of shoes or a pretty dress

It's only going to be at that price for a short while as I've just launched this, so I'd suggest you get in touch!

What are you waiting for?

Your business and sanity is worth it!