The Multi-Passionate Struggle is Real

Starting your own business is tough! Lucky for you, there are a lot of helpful resources available.  These resources lay it out all nice and tidy, showing you exactly how to take steps A, B, and C to reach your goal.  

You’re told over and over again to choose your niche, pick your passion, or to fiercely FOCUS. It’s supposed to be an easy formula to follow to your destiny.  This cookie-cutter approach works for everyone (they say)!

Does that mind set make you crazy?  Does it make you want to scream because you can’t choose just ONE thing?  

I understand.  It’s because you and I don’t love just one thing.  It’s because we have a hundred different passions, and choosing one of them is not only frustrating, it’s painful!  

The problem is the world doesn’t always get us multi-passionates.  We know that we want to make a difference in the world, but it’s not always easy to find a way to do that well while still finding joy in our many pursuits.  

Look around and you’ll see lots of Extreme Entrepreneur Ellie’s who have created badass businesses.  These gals are making a ton of money, living like queens, and they are doing ONE thing.  They’ve got the hyper focused niche thing down and they make it look splendidly easy.  

Society holds these hardcore internet heroines in high regards, and tells us that we’ve got to do things just like them.  We’re supposed to focus in on that one killer idea and we too can be Extreme Entrepreneurs!  This makes it seem like we have to choose just one of our loves or follow only one of our dreams.  

That’s enough to suck the life right out of you!

It’s Actually Okay to be Different

I’m here to tell you that it’s actually okay NOT to do what everyone else is doing.  Stop denying your identity as a multi-passionate and embrace it!  In fact, it’s refreshing to be different.  You’ll stand out and no one will wonder if you’re just another Cookie-Cutter Cara.  

Once you are able to come to terms with your identity, you can finally gain the clarity you need to accomplish your goals.  It’s time to honor the many passions that drive you and give yourself the freedom to be true to yourself.  

The Multi-Passionate Cycle

Now that you’ve come to understand yourself as Multi-Passionate, you’ll discover that there are cycles and seasons to your passions.  It’s impossible to focus on one thing for a long time, but if you work on one thing for a while, and then do something else for a while, eventually you work your way back around to the first thing.  

Go ahead and embrace this.  Don’t fight these cycles and patterns – they are a part of you!  Give yourself permission to become familiar with the ways your focus bounces around and you will begin to find joy and productivity in a way that is uniquely you.   

Putting It All Together

As you become comfortable in your multi-passionate skin, you will probably start wondering what the end product is going to look like. Let me tell you, it won’t look like anything else out there.  

You want to have your own business, and you want to be successful, but you know you’re not the typical Ellie Entrepreneur.  You actually have a marvelous advantage over most “normal” people.  As a multi-passionate, you have more interests and more skills than most people.  Create a list of your skills and interests – all the things that give you joy and spark excitement – and start looking at ways you can combine these things to make something that is both unique and powerful.  

Explore the ways your different interests and passions complement each other.  As you do this, you will begin to find a common thread that ties everything together.  This thread is what connects your different passions and makes it possible for you to build an incredible business.  

As you work through this season of discovery, you’ll find inspiration.  When you find that special spark of inspiration, follow it!  See where it goes.  

Do the things that fill you with joy and don’t be afraid to take some risks.  The end result will totally rock!